Product Comparison

Different products for different applications. All class libraries based on the role/participation model:

Data structures for complex projects and memory resident databases.
Reusable relations/associations and design patterns implemented with multiple inheritance.
Turning your code normal code into a fast, efficient database.
Data structures, relations/associations for complex projects. Modern implementation which works in both C++ and Java.
Automatic generation of UML class diagrams.
Data Structures
Extensive set, many unusual data structures
Small set, but includes dynamically reconfigurable Finite State Machine
Provides only a smart pointer which makes your data structures persistent. Persistent vector class included.
All basic relations/associations, collections and arrays.
This is a utility which interprets data structures as associations; labels describe implementation details.
Design Patterns
Composite, Flyweight, Finite State Machine; you can add your own patterns
Supports patterns just like PTL, but no examples included.
Each design pattern represented as a special association.
Prime storage in virtual memory; automatic serialization or memory paging; schema and platform migration
Prime storage on disk, paged to memory on demand. Suitable for huge data with transactions.
Diagrams in the SVG or Java formats.
C++ or Java
Language independent, ASCII input file. Coded in C++.
UML link
Can display its own UML.
Class generator uses macros; application code not changed. All data stored in a single file.
Pure C++ templates; optional template manager.
Single smart-pointer template class stores objects of each type in a separate file.
Templates replaced by simplified parameters. Simple class generator has only 500 lines of code. Application code not changed.
Implemented with IN-CODE modelling.
Elegant library for your own patterns and data structures
Fast, elegant storagewith binaries only 35kB
Advanced data structure library far exceeding the capabilities of STL or Java Collections. Linked to UML. Blueprint for extending all OO languages to support relations/associations.
High quality UML class diagram generated from a simple imput file. Direct link to our libraries.
Typical applications
Entire CAD or CASE systems,stock exchange data processing

Compiler design, telephone switch, web browser, natural language processing (*)
Airline or hotel reservation, biochemistry applications
Compiler design, telephone switch, web browser, natural language processing (*)
Automatic UML generator

(*) both these libraries are suitable for the same class of problems. PTL may be more appealing to C++ purists but, in our experience, IN-CODE modelling is easier to use on complex industrial projects.