Code Farms Delivers Global Software Solutions

Thousands of large commercial projects have been built with our software all around the globe.

  • Since the purpose of our tools is to improve software reliability, the tools themselves must be absolutely solid. We were the first company shipping full regression tests for our products; these tests are still included free of charge. The libraries have been through a massive use, and the frequency of bug reports is down to 2 per year.
  • Since our libraries represent a paradigm shift (intrusive data structures, different style of use), most reported "errors" are caused by an improper use. Please, do not attempt to modify our source - it inevitably leads to problems. Read the documentation, and contact us early in order to avoid the unnecessary loss in productivity.
  • Software licenses include one year full support, and even though the free binaries do not include support, we usually respond to their new users. Please, limit your questions to simple, clearly defined problems.
  • We respond to emails or phone calls, but email is preferred ( There is no 900 number, no automatic voice mail, no waiting for the available agent. We support in this way customers world-wide, and most problems get resolved within 24 hours.
  • In order to run under WinNT, you need the full source license. All three products (DOL, PTL, PPF) run on essentially any platform, but in the free download, the WinNT option is disabled.