What our Customer's Say


  • "We have been using DOL in analytical chemistry. It allowed us to develop, with minimum resources, software for analyzing large amount of data produced by liquid chromatography - mass spectrometers. It supports several different GUI styles, and includes a custom database which stores both the raw input data and the resulting spectra. Thanks to DOL, our program is highly competitive in its speed and in the efficiency of storing the data - we believe it is superior to the software offered by existing industry giants."
Prof. Dr. D. Stys, Head, Institute of Physical Biology, University of South Bohemia
  • "Thanks for writing your book and promoting better ways to design software. This stuff is so cool I have a hard time not wanting to teach my wife C++ just so I can tell her about it."
Ross A. Jekel, rjekel@soli.inav.net
  • "I have found your library very reliable and bug free (memory corruption, etc.). It has also been very addictive to code with. It simplifies coding immensly."
Sebastien Ishaq, stioo@ift.ulaval.ca
  • "This book's discussion of persistence is priceless (Taming C++ by Jiri Soukup). If you need to understand and implement persistence, this book is a must have. I'm not sure how many people need to do that, though, or I would make this book an overall must have. I personally have used the material on persistence for some of my own designs where a feature similar to persistence was required, and found the book to be very insightful as to the problems and complications you are likely to encounter."
Cyber Reviews, March 1998
  • "We are currently developing a large CAE/CAD/CAM database. Originally we tried, for 6 months, to do everything in C++ alone, but we were not successful. It took us less than 4 weeks to put the database to work thanks to the library. Code Farms Library had contributed a major new dimension to the inheritance mechanism, not available so far in any of the existing object oriented approaches.. . It is the most powerful toolset for the organization of data I have seen so far..."
Dr.Hans Gethoffer, General Manager R&D, Zuken Inc., Japan
  • "We have found the C/C++ Library to be:
    • Easy to learn and use: Most software engineers can make effective use of the tool within one day.
    • Useful in a wide range of applications: Almost any project using linked data-structures or complex databases can benefit from the library.
    • Robust and reliable: It eliminates the typical debugging necessary to get applications with complex data-structures working.
    • Well structured: It integrates easily with other software development tools.
    • Code Farms Libraries are unlike any other product on the market that I am aware of today, providing services sorely needed by any software developer..."

Gary Porter, Engineering Supervisor, CAE, Harris Semiconductor
  • "Our product must operate in a heterogenous network of Sun and HP workstations, IBM PCs, and Apple Macintoshes, storing complex networks of C+ + objects. The Code Farms Library was the only product we found that could meet these requirements. In addition to the technical merit of the product we have found customer support from Code Farms to be equally impressive.."
David G.Seabury, V.P.Engrg, MultiQuest Corp., Schaumburg, IL
  • "Code Farms Library has been used as a tool to shorten the period of developing the program, in which it contributes to a database which stores a boolean network representing a configuration of a circuit with boolean expressions. The effect produced by using the library is that I could spend much more time in designing the data structure at a higher level, because the pointers were generated automatically and hidden. Data structure could be declared in top-down manner.."
Masanobu Hirarnine, Mitsubishi ASIC Design Center
  • "My student has been using the Code Farms C Library since February 1989.. The code is currently about 22,000 lines of C... We use complex data structures including hash tables, dynamic data structures for circuit networks, and graph models for floor plans. A conservative estimate of the amount of time saved by using the library is at least a few months. An added advantage of the library is that it supports and encourages object oriented programming style and thus not only shortens the development cycle, but also makes the code easier to understand and maintain."
Prof.Gershon Kedem, Dept. of Computer Science, Duke University
  • "Our experience with the Code Farms Library has beer very positive. We have used it on SUN workstations and on AT MS-DOS computers in two major projects: (1) to develop software for real time data acquisition and laboratory control, (2) to develop a natural language system for database access. All of our high level code is written in C and we found that library sped up our software development, and improved the readability and maintainability of our C source code.."
Dr.Lew Stelmach and Dr.Thom Whalen, Dept.of Comm., Gov't of Canada