Looking for volunteers to expand the next generation of data structure libraries with new capabilities, persistent, and fast.

The fastest persistent data structures currently available. Unlike the traditional serialization, our persistence is automatic and our libraries include multi-directional associations and truly intrusive data structures not supported by any other library.

Free-source software which can be used even on projects which are not open source

These libraries are superior - in the runtime performance, data footprint, and simplicity of use - to the serialization, archiving, and persistent objects provided by the existing languages and class libraries including Boost and light databases. For comparison with ObjectStore PSE see the latest book. Our libraries are also unique in handling relations and associations as first class entities and in generating, fully automatically, the UML class diagrams. The algorithms are explained in the book.

When developing software with these libraries, you work from the early planning stage with a functional code. In this truly agile programming environment, pointer/reference errors in your code are completely eliminated. Available in C++, Java, or Objective-C.

Typical Applications

  • Programs with complex data structure
  • Automatically persistent data
  • Custom object-oriented databases
  • Data frameworks
  • UML diagram automatic generation
  • Persistence for iPhone applications